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Welcome to Tomato!

The largest restaurant guide in Ukraine.

Our mission

To deliver information about food establishemnents to potential guests,and allow the restaurants to attract the maximum number of visitors.

Adding a place to our database is absolutely free. After that restaurant management can get access to Dashboard. It allows to edit information about the place and manage additional features.

We offer restaurants a choice of three packages. Each package has a certain set of functions:

Free package
Standard package
Premium package

Free Package

Contains a minimal set of functions and is available to all businesses - we want your potential guests to get accurate and up-to-date information about your place. With the free package you are able to:

  • Edit all the basic information about restaurant – name, address, phone, work hours, etc.
  • Use the services of a professsional copywriter to write text description of your place with a 200 characters limit.
  • Add 3 photos of the restaurant. These photos are pinned to the top and will not be replaced by other users pictures.
  • View all photos of the business that have been added by Tomato users.
  • View reviews left by guests.
  • Просмотреть отзывы, оставленные пользователями.
  • Activate table booking function. Activation is free and the cost of a booking is 50 UAH. There’s no charge in case of booking cancellation or no-show.
  • Report an inappropriate review or photo.
The Free package is provided to all businesses free of charge.

Premium Package


The largest number of features comes with Premium Package. You are able to give your future guests the maximum information about your business and have the widest range of opportunities to attract and interact with customers:

  • Provide a better text description (written by professional copywriter) of the place: the character limit is increased to 500.
  • Upload 20 photos of the place that always remain on the top of the gallery. You can add professional photos of food, summer terrace, interior — anything that will attract potential guests.
  • Upload unlimited number of the menu pages.
  • Use professional text menu instead of pictures.
  • Have the description and menu translated into English, Russian and Ukrainian, thus increasing the number of foreign visitors
  • Get instant email notifications on 3 different email addresses (these can be, for example, the owner’s, restaurant manager’s and PR manager’s email) and SMS/phone numbers when a new review is posted. This way you can react promptly and rectify the situation or thank the guest right away
  • Respond to a review with a “Management Response”; your answer is displayed directly underneath the review and is visible to all users.
  • Use the table reservation function, which is automatically activated. 15 bookings per month (worth UAH750) are provided free of charge. All the subsequent bookings are UAH50/booking. There’s no charge in case of booking cancellation or no-show.
Pricing: 999 UAH/month when paid monthly or UAH10,200/year (850 UAH/month) with a one-time payment.

Package Comparison

Free Standard Premium
Access your personal profile to edit information
View reviews and photos
Number of photos that can be uploaded 3 7 20
Download menu
The number of characters in the description 200 350 500
Description writtent by a professional copywriter
Professional description and menu translation
New reviews and photos notifications 1 address 3 addresses and SMS
Management Response - the ability to respond to a review
Adding Specials to restaurant page
Booking service
Free number of bookings per month 1 7 15
Advertising impressions per month 10 000
Blog article when connected when connected and
one article per quarter
Facebook post
Priority when choosing partners for contests
Regular mentioning of the restaurant in our blog
Concierge service
Pricing 0 UAH
599 UAH/month
3,230 UAH/6 months (-10%)
6,120 UAH/year (-15%)
999 UAH/month
5,400 UAH/6 months (-10%)
10,200 UAH/year (-15%)

More services

In addition to standard packages, we provide additional services:

We can place your restaurant on the main page of mobile application in the "Try it" section — gives you the maximum audience coverage./p>

We can place you on the top of search results (by cuisine, category, distance).

Professional photographer services — 5,000 UAH for 10 photos.