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Cafe Squat 17b (Squat 17b yard cafe)

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Cafe Squat 17b (Squat 17b yard cafe)
Kyiv, vul. Tereshchenkivska 17B
Kyiv, vul. Tereshchenkivska 17B
Ploshcha Lʹva Tolstoho
Cuisine:  European
Average bill: 
Squat 17b Yard Cafe in Tereschenkivska Street is a seasonal yard coffee shop. This pop-up café is an ideal place to escape from the bustling city life. Here you can have a nice cup of coffee, tea, maté, pu-erh, fruit drinks and cocoa and enjoy different desserts from the confectionaries, which are partners of the Squat 17b. The restaurant always hosts house concerts, movie nights or themed parties in the evenings.

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