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Календарь событий

02 - 08 August
c 05.08 (19:00) до 31.12 (22:00)
Vozle Diany na Rynke
Lviv, pl. Rynok 1
09 - 15 August
c 15.08 (17:00) до 26.09 (23:00)
Samogonka Trattoriia
Lviv, vul. Zelena 164
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20 - 26 September На этой неделе
c 20.09 (16:00) до 24.09 (18:00)
Franko Mr.Fox
Lviv, pl. Katedralna 3
c 22.09 (19:00) до 22.09 (23:30)
Lviv, vul. Ostapa Nyzhankivskoho 20
c 24.09 (19:00) до 24.09 (23:30)
Lemberg Craft Rest
Lviv, vul. Shevchenka 19
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27 September - 03 October
c 30.09 (19:00) до 30.09 (23:30)
Mon Chef Restaurant
Lviv, vul. Horodotska 15
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О команде Tomato

We are a small team of enthusiasts from Ukraine. We have set ourselves a mission: to make sure that no matter where you are in the Ukraine, you can always have a good meal.

How do we do it? To begin with, we have assembled an amazing team of professionals - experts in design, programming, marketing, copywriters and, first of all, lovers of good food. With their help, we have created Tomato.

Tomato helps its users find interesting places nearby. Our team communicates with restaurants on a regular basis - so the information we provide is always current. The second part of our team are the users themselves. They share experiences and help each choose the places worth visiting.

We work with restaurants, too. For them, we provide convenient tools for editing information about themselves - as a result visitors get the most information, and the restaurant is be able to concentrateon what it likes to do most - delicious food.

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