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Restaurant Mario

Kyiv, ul. Getmana Pavla Skoropadskogo, 14A
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Restaurant Mario
Kyiv, ul. Getmana Pavla Skoropadskogo, 14A
Kyiv, ul. Getmana Pavla Skoropadskogo, 14A
+38 068 299 0909
University, Ploshcha Lʹva Tolstoho
Cuisine:  EuropeanItalian
Average bill: 
There is a pizzeria-restaurant "Mario”, located near Lva Tolstogo square. Guests have access to the lower hall and the upper hall with outdoor terrace, decorated in contemporary style. The main decoration of the hall is a wood-burning oven, in which Italian pizza is baked according to ancient recipe. There are popular Italian dishes in menu: soups, salads, seven kinds of homemade pasta, snacks, desserts. The bar has strong alcohols, and wine list includes wide range of French, Italian and Chilean wines.
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